Covid 19

Although restrictions have eased enough for our Champs to run in 2021, please read below for guidance on how Covid will affect the SW Ceroc Champs 2021. There are some mandatory things that you need to comply with to attend the Champs.


1) Wash and sanitize your hands frequently throughout the event

2) Stay away if you exhibit any of the symptoms of Corona virus - if you have been asked to isolate for 10 days and this affects your Champs bookings, we can offer a last minute 50% refund on your places.

3) Be kind, some people maybe more cautious and only want to dance with 1 person, or a small group. They may chose to only dance with vaccinated people. That is there choice, please be kind.


1) The use of PPE such as masks etc. They are not compulsory, but can be worn at any time if you feel you'd like to

2) Vaccination. We are not making it compulsory to have any vaccination before attending the Champs.

3) Using track and trace, we will have the QR codes to scan on arrival if you are using the app. However we are not mandating you to use the app.

4) Fix with your partner, we are more than happy if you'd like to, but we will also be running lucky dip and top cats as normal.



1) Maximizing air flow through venues with both fans, and by opening doors and windows

2) Offering a track and trace login on every front door, and collecting data for track and trace purposes

3) The option of staying in a fixed couple

4) Touch points being minimized such as doors being propped open to reduce frequent contact

5) Monitoring possible infections, and asking anyone who is presenting a covid symptom to leave the venue

6) Providing hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities

7) Limiting the number of dancers in each venue, worked out on the square meters of dance floor available.

8) Increased signage around the venues to remind people to wash hands, be kind etc