The Golden 5

Cost - FREE

Number of places - 5 couples

This category is here for just 1 year - to celebrate the South West Ceroc Champs turning 5! On booking you'll have a chance to be added into the Golden Ticket draw. 

5 golden follow, and 5 golden lead tickets will be randomly distributed amongst booking envelopes, you wont know if you you've got a golden ticket until the morning of the Champs - Golden ticket leader 1 and Gold ticket follow 1 will dance together in 1 simple round which will see just 1 couple win the 5 year anniversary category!

Competition Rules

1) This category is open to both Amatuer and Professional dancers.

2) This will be a fixed partner category - paired on the morning of Champs.

3) Couples will dance to music chosen by the organisers. This could be anything from 40's to current day chart music. 

4) All judging will be by points system. Dancers are encouraged to dance to all tracks in their round. 

5) Aerials are not permitted in this category

6) Please understand that this category is inherently dangerous and all parties are accepting liability at the point of entering this category.


Extra notes

Ceroc Devon reserve the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

The event will be recorded in full and photograph, these maybe used by Ceroc for promotional purposes.

The organisers accept no responsibility for injury to person or possession in relation to this event.

There will be no refund for entrants who pull out of this category beforehand.