The Virtual Champs

A special category just for 2020, as we have had to cancel Champs weekend due to Covid-19. It's very simple, dance to a song of your choice between 1min30sec and 2 minutes. There will be a Solo's category and a Couples category. Send in your video, and then we will crown live on Facebook the winners in each category. The winners will be sent their medals via post.

The judges which were scheduled this year, will review the videos, they are Lyndsey Bennett, Richard and Zoe Beauvoisin, Jen and Jamie Eddy, Matthew Blain, Lily and David Barker, Kate Skipper, Tim Stevens and Heather Lawson.


Cost - Free, donations can be made to the entire Ceroc network by clicking here

The live crowning ceremony will take place on Facebook through Ivan Burtons personal page at 8pm on Sunday 2nd August, you can find that here


Competition Rules


1) This category is open to all, but we have split into 2, solo acts and couples.

2) Any dance style is permitted.

3) Any music is permitted.

4) Your videos will be collated and turned into a montage of all the acts for people to watch.

5) A perfect score from 1 judge is 50 points. You will be awarded a maximum of 10 points in the following 5 categories: Dress and Presentation, Styling, Musical Interpretation, Entertainment and Quality of Dancing.

6) Airsteps for couples, (lifts, jumps and acrobatic moves), will not be permitted.

7) You can only enter each category once. For instance Kate and Ivan can enter as a couple, and then both also submit a solo entry too.

8) Open to all ages, but please remember these videos will be made public.

How to send in your video - must be submitted by Wednesday 29th July

The easiest way to send your videos is via WeTransfer or DropBox.

For WeTransfer you can send up to a max of 2GB to (as several files if needed)

For DropBox you can send you clips to

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