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Booking and Tickets

I want to watch my partner/family, which ticket do I buy?

You could buy an All Day Saturday which gets you entry from 9.30am until midnight, or a Saturday Finals and Freestyle, where they can view the finals and crowning, from 6pm until midnight. 


How do I book tickets online?

Simply head to the 'booking' tab above, and click the appropriate button. It will open a new window where you will be taken through the booking process. You will need a debit or credit card or Paypal handy to complete the purchase of tickets and competition spots.

Where do I get my tickets and dance numbers from?
Once booked, that's all you have to do until you arrive. If arriving on the Friday night you'll be given your entry wristband, dance numbers, safety pins and lucky dip slips, all under the surname you booked with. You will not be sent anything via post etc. It is your responsibility to bring it with you on Saturday. If arriving on Saturday it will be ready to collect from 9.30am.

I'm having trouble booking online?

Try shutting your browser and swearing. Then re-open and try again, if the problem persists give us a call on 07964337407 or 07792205625 and we will do our best to resolve it for you!

I don't trust the booking system.

Paypal is very safe. However if you wish to pay in cash you can do so on any Ceroc Devon door, this must be pre-arranged with Kate or Ivan Burton. No cheques.

How do I cancel once I've booked? Do I get my money back?

Once booked and paid for there are no refunds for unfilled spaces. You can however sell your places and change the name on the booking...see below.

My friend now want's to compete in my space, what do I do?

If you have sold or given your place to someone else, that is fine. All we need to know is the new name, any payments for places etc need to be sorted privates. Ceroc will not be able to refund and then resell your place.

How do I pick up my dance numbers and wristbands?

On the morning of the champs you will need to come to the front desk and give the name of the person who booked for you. Under that name you will find your dance number and your wristband for the event.

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