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Where do I pin my numbers?

On the back of your top with 4 safety pins. You may wish to reinforce your number with tape etc. If your top does not have a back then you can pin to the front of your top.

I'm in Lucky Dip, how does it work?

Everyone in Lucky Dip needs to be on the floor on time in order to be allocated a partner. Men will have a number pinned to their back, ladies will need their coloured slip from their booking envelope. After being partnered ladies slips will be collected and their partners corresponding number recorded. This is your partner for the entire Lucky Dip. Numbers will be called for the heats, so after allocation you need to stay nearby.

How do I get onto the Lucky Dip waiting list?

If too many of one gender sign up you will be asked if you would like to be placed on a waiting list. Once a spot becomes available you will be emailed with the chance to book a spot. You have one week to reply, otherwise your place will offered to the next person on the list. We do not guarantee that being on a waiting list will mean you get a place. Email to be added to the waiting lists.

Can I enter different categories with different partners?


I want to enter veterans, I'm 32 my partner is 51 is that ok?

No. For veterans both parties have to be 50 or over.

I'm entering the Open Category, can I compete as an amateur?

No, any one entering the Open and Chill Out Open categories cannot compete as an amatuer in other categories.

What is a Dance Professional?

Anyone who has taught partner dancing 6 times or more in the last 6 months for payment. Anyone that is planning to teach partner dancing in the next 6 months, 6 or more times for payment.

What counts as an Amateur?

We count Amateurs as people who have not received payment to teach partner dancing, and anyone who is not competing at Open or Chill Out Open level.

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