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Important information for all competitors

These standard rules apply to all competition categories.
• Competitors are encouraged to warm up sufficiently prior to the heat.
• Competitors will dance to music chosen by the organisers. This could include anything from the 40's to present day.
• All judging will be by a points system.
• Competitors are encouraged to dance to the end of their heat.
• Qualifying dancers will be asked back to the next round.
• Judges decisions are final.
• There is no age restrictions at this event, except in:
  - Veterans (specified in category rules as aged 50 or over)
  - Top Cats & Lucky Dip (minimum age is 16)

  - Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be supervised by a parent or guardian
• Competitor numbers in each category are strictly limited so places are allocated on a first come first served basis.
• Competitors will be issued with a dance number on the day of the event. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that their dance number is reinforced and securely fixed to their person during the competition categories.
• Competitors are advised to otherwise strengthen the fixing points on their dance numbers to avoid tearing, especially if dancing in multiple categories.
• If the competitors dance number drops off or is unreadable during the competition heat then the competitor may not be judged.
• Ceroc Enterprises Ltd reserves the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.
• The event will be recorded by film, video and photograph; these may be used for Ceroc promotional purposes without any obligation.
• The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or injury to persons or possessions in relation to this event.
• There will be no refund for competitors who withdraw or are unable to compete of a category either before or during the event.

• If you have previously won an intermediate or advanced Trophy at these champs you must enter the next category up, for instance if you have won a trophy in the advanced category you must next compete at Open level.


Dance Professional Definition:
• Anyone who has taught a partner dance more than 6 times in the previous 6 months for payment.
• Anyone who is intending to teach a partner dance more than 6 times in the next 6 months for payment.
• Any Open level category participant in this London Champs.
• Any Open Category competition medalist (bronze, silver or gold) in any other Ceroc competition in the three years prior to this competition date.

Definition of a Major Airstep:
• A major airstep is defined by both of the lady’s feet travelling above the man’s waist level.
• Baby aerials are not considered to be major airsteps, providing at least one of the lady’s feet is below the man’s waist level. Any number of baby aerials are permitted in categories that allow aerials. The following standard rules apply to all competition categories.

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