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Role Reversal

Cost : £22 per couple

Spaces available : 24 fixed couples

Ladies lead and the chaps follow!

Competition Rules

1) This category is open to all - amatuer and professional alike.

2) One man, one lady. Ladies lead, men follow. No swapping leads.

3) Judges will award points for style, innovation, musical interpretation, quality of dancing and synchronisation of dancers rather than the number/difficulty of moves and links. 

4) Judges will not be awarding points for dress and presentation in this category. 

5) Airsteps, (lifts, jumps and acrobatic moves), will not be permitted. Disqualification from the competition will be automatic should a couple attempt these moves. 

6) No extra points will be awarded for drops but they will be permitted provided that one of the men's feet remains in contact with the ground. Otherwise the move will be defined as an airstep. Please agree beforehand with your partner if you agree to any kind of dip, drop or lean.

7) The gold medalists in Role Reversal will be entered into the Grand Master category.

Extra notes

Ceroc Devon reserves the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

The event will be recorded in full and photographed, these may be used by Ceroc for promotional purposes.

The organisers accept no responsibility for injury to person or possession in relation to this event.

There will be no refund for entrants who pull out of this category beforehand.

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