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Cost - £22 per couple

Number of places available - 24 fixed couples

Completely levelling out the playing field, this category is THE ONE to sign up for if you’re fed up with the youngsters stealing the lime light. It gets highly competitive and is a great showcase for the age group.


This category is for couples where BOTH participants in the partnership are 50 years of age or older (if you are within days of turning 50 before the event, we maybe able to make an exception, please contact us). 


Proof of age may be required. 

Competition Rules

1) Only Amateurs may participate in Veterans, no professionals. 

2) Couples will dance to music chosen by the organisers. This could be anything from 40's to current day chart music. 

3) All judging will be by points system. Dancers are encouraged to dance to all tracks in their round. Qualifying dancers will be asked back to the next heat/round. All judges decisions are final.

4) Points in the Veterans category are awarded for style, musical interpretation, synchronisation of the couple, quality of dancing and dress of the couple rather than the complexity of the movements and links.


5) No Aerials or airsteps of any kind are permitted in the category. Attempting these moves will mean instant disqualification. 

6) Couples are permitted to perform dips, leans and drops (although no points are awarded for them), so long as one of the ladies feet stays in contact with the floor at all times, otherwise it will be counted as an airstep.


9) Partners must not break contact/handhold for more than 8 beats.

Extra notes

Ceroc Devon reserve the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

The event will be recorded in full and photograph, these maybe used by Ceroc for promotional purposes.

The organisers accept no responsibility for injury to person or possession in relation to this event.

There will be no refund for entrants who pull out of this category beforehand.

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