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Cost - £22 per performance (solo or performances with 1 lead)

Available spaces - 5

If you really want to be creative with your dancing then this is the category for you. Anything goes here. Any style, any genre, any discipline. Only your imagination can limit your creativity so stretch both, put on a mind blowing performance and showcase your dancing skills to an eager audience. In this section competitors choose their own piece of music and perform their own choreography.


This category is intended as a platform to showcase any genre of dance e.g. African, Ballet, Ballroom, Belly dance, Bollywood, Capoeira, Contemporary, Flamenco, Folk, Hip Hop, Indian, Jazz, Jitterbug, Kizomba, Lambada, Latin (Rumba, Samba, Cha Cha etc), Lindy Hop, Line Dance, Merengue, Rock'n'Roll, Salsa, Swing (East / West Coast), Tango, Tap, Zouk etc.


Competition Rules

1) Both Amateurs and Professionals can enter this category.

2) Any dance style in this category is acceptable. 

3) Showcase is for solo performers or for acts where there is 1 lead. This category may contain TAG and Double Trouble acts.

4) Applications for inclusion in the Showcase category may be subject to scrutiny prior to being accepted. This is to maintain the quality of performance in this category.



After application for consideration in this category the applicants may be contacted by Ceroc Devon should they require a video clip of the 'work in progress' of the applicant’s routine, along with a written description of the content of the routine and the costumes that will be worn. Please have a video clip ready in case you are contacted.


5) Each couple must dance to their own music which must be sent electronically to the organisers no later than 3 weeks before the event. A hard copy of the music must also be brought on the day. 

6) The chosen music must be between 3 and 7 minutes long. Any performance which is either under 3 minutes or over 7 minutes will be penalised. 

7) Points are awarded in the Showcase category for styling, musical interpretation, innovative choreography, quality of dancing, synchronisation of dancers, entertainment value and dress/presentation.

8) Judges decisions are final.

Extra notes

Ceroc Devon reserve the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

The event will be recorded in full and photograph, these maybe used by Ceroc for promotional purposes.

The organisers accept no responsibility for injury to person or possession in relation to this event.

There will be no refund for entrants who pull out of this category beforehand.

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