Cost: £20 per couple

Availble Spaces: 24 fixed couples

In this category couples will be made from one Pro and one Am. Pro's are professional dancers (see definitions in the FAQ). Am's are amateur dancers who have not received payment for teaching dance. Sparks can fly in this category as the best of the best and the best of the rest team up for some awesome partnerships that burn up the dance floor…


Competition Rules

1) This competition is open to couplings comprising of a dance professional* and a non-dance professional (an amateur) who compete together as a dance couple. 


2) The Dance Professional and the Amateur will be judged as a couple. 

3) Points in the ProAm category are awarded for style, musical interpretation, synchronisation of the couple, quality of dancing, and complexity of moves.

4) No points are awarded for dress/presentation, judges are looking purely at the quality of dancing.

5) Any competitor taking part in the Open Competition cannot participate as an amateur in the ProAm category.

6) This category is only open to partnerships consisting of one dance professional and one amateur. 

7) There is no lower age limit for this category.

Extra Notes

Ceroc Devon reserve the right to change the programme and competition if necessary without consultation.

The event will be recorded in full and photograph, these maybe used by Ceroc for promotional purposes.

The organisers accept no responsibility for injury to person or possession in relation to this event.

There will be no refund for entrants who pull out of this category beforehand.